Philip Rhyu's Portrait Freedom Symphony Cover

Philip Rhyu's "The Freedom Symphony" is also a stark chronicle of the horror of life under the criminal North Korean regime -certainly a nation that will go down in history as perhaps the most repressive nation on earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. As their story becomes more widely known, I hope it will lead readers to persuade our leaders in the government to keep up the pressure until the Kim dynasty finally collapses and the people of North Korea can once again join the free nations of the modern world.

Dr. Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.

Author: Defiant Failed State: The North Korean Threat to International Security, Angelo State Univesity

Philip Rhyu's fiction "The Freedom Symphony" is by far one of the best novels I have read in a long time. The plot is so gripping that it made a powerful impression on my mind. The vivid imagery and the descriptions in the story made me feel like I was there. There were moments where I found myself moved to tears and others where I felt the hope and glorious realization of the dream of the two Koreas being unified.

Kyu Man Lee, Ph.D.

Former Director of Mental Health, State of Kansas

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